Restless legs syndrome manifests itself with cramps in the legs that appear during the night. It can also affect the torso, the hands, the head and all the other parts of the body. The main reason for the occurrence of this condition is a nervous system disorder, which is felt in the legs.

Restless legs syndrome can be very painful and it can make your life unpleasant. The syndrome cannot be cured, but there is a natural method that is effective.


The method includes using a soap bar. You only need to place soap under the sheets. Some people prefer putting soap in their socks.

Change the soap monthly, since it can get dry after 30 days.Scientists have not confirmed the effectiveness of this method, but many people who have tried it are satisfied with the results. These people experienced relief of the symptoms after using soap bar. If you suffer from restless legs syndrome, try this method.

Source: Myhealthylifeteam