An emotionally abusive relationship can leave you scarred for the rest of your life. Sadly, many people are being abused and don’t even realize it.

Why? Because while emotional abuse can be quite devastating to the person enduring it, many people discount emotional abuse due to the fact that it doesn’t leave visible scars. If you have endured any of the following 11 behaviors, then you are being emotionally abused, and it is time to part ways.

1. They humiliate you in front of others.Kết quả hình ảnh cho EVERY Single One Of These 11 Things Is Emotional Abuse — Yes, Really

Even if they brush it off as a simple joke, if someone is constantly putting you down and making you look bad in front of others, this is a bad sign.

2. They say you are too sensitive when you try to set boundaries.

Only you know your boundaries and when you try to tell someone they are harming you emotionally and they come back with “you are too sensitive,” this is a form of gaslighting or emotional abuse.

3. They constantly accuse you of doing wrong.

No matter what you do, or how hard you try, you are blamed or accused of doing wrong that you simply didn’t do.

4. Punishment by withholding in any form.Kết quả hình ảnh cho EVERY Single One Of These 11 Things Is Emotional Abuse — Yes, Really

Is your partner ignoring you because you didn’t do as they asked? Not only is this manipulation, it is a form of punishment which is not healthy in a relationship.

5. They expect you to ask them for permission.

You can’t do anything without asking for your partners’ permission, similar to the way a parent is with their child.

6. They control your finances.

Whenever you spend money, you feel as though you should ask your partner first, because your partner controls your finances.

7. You are always wrong and they are always right.

No matter what you try to do, it is never right. And even when it is, it isn’t, because your partner said so.

8. They constantly point out your shortcomings.

9. They constantly excuse their bad behavior.Kết quả hình ảnh cho EVERY Single One Of These 11 Things Is Emotional Abuse — Yes, Really

Whenever you point out their abusive behavior, they have an excuse.

10. Your partner is always emotionally unavailable.

When you need someone, your partner ignores you and is completely unavailable at all times.

11. They withhold sex to control you.

While some of these signs may not be a sure-fire sign of abuse, many of them are. If you have endured any of the above-listed behaviors and your partner leaves you feeling empty and childish constantly, you are being abused. Please contact the crisis help line by texting 741741, or get help from a trusted friend.

Source: awarenessact