Life can feel like an uphill battle at times. You may feel frustrated and stifled as you trudge through the motions. The good news is humans have the capacity for self-empowerment and change, which means you have the ability to alter your state of mind and reprogram your habits to find a healthier, happier life than you thought possible. Isn’t this what life is all about? Forget about making six figures or buying your dream home — if you can manage to find and maintain health and happiness, you’re one step above the rest. Read on for tips to create your best life.

1. Learn to say no

Man relaxing at home

It’s easy to become wrapped up in making others happy at the expense of your own happiness. Maybe you were anticipating a much-needed night in but then your friend begged you to be his wingman. It can be hard to say no when you know it’s important to someone you care about, but what about your obligation to your own well-being? Practice saying no when something doesn’t appeal to you. When you establish boundaries, you’re respecting yourself and making your happiness and health a priority. Bonus: You won’t have to deal with the resentment that comes along with being a people-pleaser and disregarding your own needs.

Source: Cheatsheet