Are you experiencing a bout of brain fog? Know you can cut through the confusion and sharpen your thinking with a few simple steps. Here are six ways you can collect your thoughts and make better decisions.

1. Find a quiet place

Man taking time to sit and think

Noise can quickly break your train of thought. Find a quiet place where you’ll be less likely to encounter interruptions. Remove any visual distractions, like clutter. If you’re having difficulty locating a place where you can sit quietly, think about finding a better time to think as opposed to a better place. Try getting to work before your co-workers so you can avoid the hustle and bustle of the day.

2. Reduce stress

stressed young woman

It’s hard to think clearly when you’re a ball of stress. Anxiety has a way of causing your mind to flit from thought to thought or just freeze up altogether. Find ways to relax and recharge. Meditation is one way to quiet your mind and recalibrate your thoughts. It’s important to pay attention to your emotions so you can approach your tasks with clarity.

“Emotions are a gift to us, and critical thinking strongly depends on our emotional awareness and how we deal with it. We should always systematically and automatically ask ourselves what is our thinking that led to this certain emotion,” says Christ Lewis in Critical Thinking.